Discover your star performance in work or daily life here.

Life & Business Coach for your next level.

 Daniella helps teams and individuals discover star performance without sacrificing health, family and personal interests.

Daniella has worked with dynamic brands learning from remarkable leaders. 

A TEDx speaker and guest lecturer in leadership at Cranfield University, she is trained and certified in the science of strengths psychology for leading performance.



When people use their strengths through development with me, the effect on their work and life is transformational.


With strengths focused intervention teams saw a 12.5% boost in productivity and 8.9% increase in profitability.


• One to one coaching

• Workshops for teams

• Organisational and/or culture change

My work includes:

“Dani is the best listener I have ever encountered. I've had the privilege to use her coaching service over recent months with resultant massive impact on my own positive self awareness, empowerment and productivity. I understand myself and how to utilise my strengths more effectively under her guidance for character strength analysis and utilisation. Everyone on a journey of self actualisation needs Dani.”

Dr Ben Sinclair
Founder of Optimise Health Clinics

“Dani has an abundance of positive energy and an unique gift in lifting peoples spirits. She has helped many clients reach new heights of spiritual and physical goals, surpassing their self-defined boundaries. Her leadership and motivational skills are very contagious, which leave an everlasting impression with all of those whom she meets. Highly recommended service for those looking to improve certain aspects of their lives.”

Davinder Chatha
Founder of Jet Singh Trust and Optispine Physiotherapy

“I've known Dani professionally and personally for a number of years. Her marriage of potent commercial experience, strong yet sensitive leadership and exceptional emotion intelligence equips her perfectly to significantly enhance the careers and effectiveness of the people she mentors. Dani's positivity and empathetic approach is infectious and unquestionably gets results for those looking to grow themselves professionally and personally.”

James Warren
formerly of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Dani honestly changed my life in 8 weeks. She worked with me to understand my own personal strengths and how I could use and work with these to move my career and personal life forward. Dani has a wonderful and positive nature and has an extraordinary way of making you feel like you are her only client. She becomes almost like your own personal cheerleader! I found that I left her sessions with a clear plan and motivation to be better. I would strongly recommend Dani to anyone who has a clear idea of where they see themselves but would like some support in how to get there, or to someone like me who had lost all direction and needed to find their focus.

Laura Bailey
People and Culture Manager
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