I was lucky to be introduced to Dani through a mutual client of ours, while I was working at Tesla. I still remember how energetic I felt after speaking to her for the first time. She gave me lots of useful tips and tricks for my day2day job. We kept in touch and Dani remembered all my big milestones at work or life in general and she’s just capable of spreading all this amazing energy over to you. She’s a great listener and her ideas and suggestions have enabled me to immediately make an impact and I am so grateful to have her as a mentor :-). I would totally recommend her as a coach as she is a very inspirational person.
Over the last few months I have worked with Dani and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dani has had an incredible impact on my life. She has helped me understand my strengths, values and find my purpose. This has given me a new found energy to progress both personally and professionally. I contacted her feeling lost and lacking direction but every interaction we have leaves me energised. Dani is a fireball of positivity and there is no one else you’d be better within your corner! I can’t recommend Dani highly enough.
Adam Malone, Procurement Manager - Legal Services

Dani honestly changed my life in 8 weeks. She worked with me to understand my personal strengths and how I could use and work with these to move my career and personal life forward. Dani has a wonderful and positive nature and has an extraordinary way of making you feel like you are her only client. She becomes almost like your own personal cheerleader! I found that I left her sessions with a clear plan and motivation to be better. I would strongly recommend Dani to anyone who has a clear idea of where they see themselves but would like some support in how to get there, or to someone like me who had lost all direction and needed to find their focus.

Laura Bailey, People and Culture Manager

Daniella’s approach and drive for others are invigorating to be around. She has uncovered and enriched my strengths, so I am increasingly effective in what I do.

CEO, Engineering Company
Handling a potential conflict situation at work, Daniella affirmed my strengths, meaning I was more confident to handle the situation. We planned the meeting and looked at potential challenges and handling thereof. I was much more prepared and assured. This situation has had the opposite anticipated result and we are now more united as colleagues.
Marketing Manager, Automotive Technology

I’ve known Dani professionally and personally for a number of years. Her marriage of potent commercial experience, strong yet sensitive leadership and exceptional emotional intelligence equips her perfectly to significantly enhance the careers and effectiveness of the people she mentors. Dani’s positivity and empathetic approach are infectious and unquestionably gets results for those looking to grow themselves professionally and personally.

James Warren, formerly of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Dani is the best listener I have ever encountered. I’ve had the privilege to use her coaching service over recent months with resultant massive impact on my own positive self-awareness, empowerment and productivity. I understand myself and how to utilise my strengths more effectively under her guidance for character strength analysis and utilisation. Everyone on a journey of self-actualisation needs Dani – she is the only one so get booked in quickly.
Dr Ben Sinclair, GP
Dani’s coaching gets better than expected results, fast. She is an excellent listener who quickly sees through any situation and with her razor sharp observations and questions, guides through any tricky work issues, while looking at it from a holistic view. A session with her brings instant and great relief and a sense of balance that makes living inspired all over again.
E H, Technology Sector
My time with Dani has taught me so much about myself. I have learnt about what my natural strengths are and what makes me, me. Learning this has helped me to understand what I need and has helped me find confidence in embracing who I am. I feel empowered and a real ambition to continue developing myself. I would recommend Dani to anyone who needs a boost in self belief. She’s a wonderful listener with so much compassion and talent for developing people. I am so glad I found Dani.
Laura woodall, education
After unsuccessful job interviews, I received feedback from potential employers that I was coming across as quiet and reserved. With another interview looming on the horizon, I was unsure how to go about improving my interview style to make more of an impact. Dani highlighted that I was not playing to my character strengths, and helped me identify these strengths and develop techniques to show them better to potential employers. Following coaching with Dani, I improved my body language and focussed on displaying my best traits in a short interview window. This provided me with a  massive confidence boost and helped me settle quickly in my next one. I am very pleased to say that the interview was a success and I received the job offer. Dani’s guidance really helped me become more aware on how I present myself and gain a new perspective on how I can put my best foot forward. Thank you Dani for your great help!
FRASER Gordon, Engineering Industry

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