This philosophy appeals to Dani Grieveson.  Having worked in the automotive sector most of her life, being told what you’re not good at, sent on a training course to fix it and expecting for that fix, was the status quo in her experience.  Rather than focusing entirely on what we’re not good at, what happens when you focus on what is right with people?

By understanding what we naturally do best and crucially how we apply that to our work was transformative for Dani.  She soon learnt that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use strengths and knew using strengths was the right way forward. 

Lift This Life coach Dani speaking at an event

By discovering the ways in which each individual most naturally thinks, feels, and behaves, understanding and developing individual strengths this day can help people identify and build on the areas in which they have the most potential to grow and succeed. 

This is a team day for your team to begin to understand their own strengths and those of the people around them. It’s not all jazz hands and strengths though, we do look at ‘blind spots’ and areas that hold us back from success. This day helps enable better performance and productivity in the team.


This day is taken as the next step to Strengths Introduction.  With education and training, anyone can acquire basic knowledge or take the fundamental steps to complete a task. The very best people and teams have a significant edge: they build and apply strengths by doing what they naturally do best every day.

People who understand and use their strengths are 6 x more likely to be engaged at work.

By investing in and developing the strengths of your team, this day will bond and blend your team like never before.  The content is collaborative, meaning your team has powerful conversations and there will be lightbulb moments for each individual.

Results to anticipate from Strengths Introduction and Strengths Development for your team:

  • Improved trust
  • Better collaboration
  • Optimisation of individual talents
  • Understanding of how to use colleague strength
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Clear performance-boosting actions to take forward

We are delighted to continue your team development with our 6 pillar team development programme for 12 weeks after this course.


5 days of development with Lift This Life, hold onto your hat, this is powerful stuff.  Using our 6 pillars for development (cited in the Midlands Business Awards for Innovation in People Development), this is a week out for your team to rethink, recharge and reboot the way they work together. 

Using strength psychology as a bedrock this 5-day course ensures that a rocket pack is firmly on each of your team players back for their relaunch to work.

Please contact us here for investment levels. These days are based on a max of 10 people.