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These team sessions are fun, astute and powerful – no two ways about it.

Right here is the opportunity for your team to rise through team development focus. Recently, we’ve created and delivered sessions for the NHS, DPD, Vauxhall, Allianz, RSM UK, Irwin Mitchell and Ford.

Great feedback includes:

“I found this session to be one of the most engaging I’ve ever been to – really good to have practical tips and examples to take forward. Inspiring!”

“I feel like you’ve opened up a lot in us that we definitely didn’t know. Absolutely amazing to work with you.”

“Dani, my team is more a team now.”

Team focus

For your understanding of what we do, we have created and delivered team sessions for:

  • Team strength-based performance
  • Team calibration
  • Team uplift and motivation
  • Burnout mitigation
  • Team fatigue 
  • High performing teams
  • Women in leadership
  • Bespoke requirements

Team development sessions are delivered online or in person. Please do view our full-day Development Programmes.

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Certified Team Coaching

Dani Grieveson is trained and certified in High-Performance Team coaching.  

Her approach and programmes take your team on a journey where each team member discovers their natural strength and personal contribution to the team in a collaborative, upbeat and psychologically safe environment.  

The outcomes you can expect from our team development programmes include:

  • Greater team trust and collaboration
  • Psychological safety in the team for innovation and growth 
  • Increased engagement, meaning raised team performance

ARE WE Ready For Team Coaching?

There are six main criteria that clients must meet. 

  • People are engaged in lifting their results at work 
  • People must be inspiring or have an inspiring purpose (We do help some clients in discovering this purpose)
  • They must create, or be ready to take action in the world
  • They must be fun
  • They must bring along a challenge; we’re not looking for an easy ride or delicate conversations
  • And clients must understand the profound power of commitment
If this sounds like your people, reach out and together let’s Lift This Life.
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Organisations Supported:

Vauxhall Motors Ltd.
Ford Motor Company
The British Army

together, we’ll lift your life.


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