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Dani Grieveson has been described as a “super coach.” For many years, Dani has worked with global brands and family businesses to bring results. She has been described as having an “incredible attitude” and impacting “customers and bottom line.” Through developing individuals in a team, Dani’s approach enables people and teams to discover their star performance without sacrificing health, family and personal interests.

Go on, tell me more.

You can expect the following from Dani’s Business Coaching;

  • A positive impact on individual motivation, team engagement and company culture
  • Power added to marketing strategy (she is from a marketing background), sales techniques (she learnt a lot in the automotive and super-luxury world) and leadership style (she guest lectures military Defence Leadership students)
  • A boost in building a productive, engaged team, who work in alignment with the company vision
  • A lift in performance, team productivity and profitability
  • Intelligent research and credible reference points
  • Fun (Dani has been known to perform stand-up comedy)
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Here’s why your business needs Dani:

  • The approach is the distillation of experiences gained at the very pinnacle of luxury, broadcasting and automotive industries including Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and The Olympic Games
  • Dani’s key objective is to drive the success of people and businesses
  • Together, we address your high-performance factors
  • Dani is proud to have delivered results for a diverse range of organisations and looks forward to helping yours reach full your potential
  • “What happens when we focus on what is right with people, rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” Don Clifton, founder of strength psychology which Dani is fully trained and certified in for professional development

Sounds great! what else?

Dani understands the pressures of leadership and the importance of managing both productive work life and happy home life. With work ever-changing, the need for a positive work environment is essential. Leaders and their teams have come to rely on Dani for trusted support and success.

Now more than ever, creating strong performance is a challenge. 

Remote team sessions with Dani are a highly effective way of delivering performance improvement programmes whilst building a strong collaborative dynamic, even when working remotely.  

One insurance leader said following a bespoke team programme, “Dani, my team are more a team now.”

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personal insight

Personally, I understand the benefits of development work so much that I have my own coach. That’s because I love having someone hold me accountable to my big vision, to my dreams, to what I aim for, to creating star performance.  I love having someone who believes in me, who encourages me to keep fighting the good fight, who keeps me on track with my passions and purpose. I love having someone who doesn’t believe in the negative stories I sometimes tell myself or the fears that can hold me back. 

That’s what I look for and that is what I give.

Am I Ready?

I have six main criteria that any client must meet. 

  • My clients are engaged in change in their business. They want to raise up at least one area at work
  • My clients must be inspiring or have an inspiring purpose (I do help some clients in discovering this purpose)
  • They must create, or be ready to take, action in the world
  • They must be fun
  • They must bring along a challenge; I’m not looking for an easy ride or delicate conversations
  • And my clients must understand the profound power of commitment
If this sounds like you, reach out and together let’s Lift This Life.
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Organisations I've Supported:

Vauxhall Motors Ltd.
Ford Motor Company
The British Army

Work with me and together, we’ll lift your life.


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