Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome from Dani Grieveson. Lift This Life exists to raise people and teams up to their star performance – its Dani’s passion.

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, a passionate yet compassionate woman Dani started in the working world making Top Gear. Talk about a baptism of fire! Blowing up sheds, caravans and testing automobiles to their absolute limit while working within a dynamic and widely acclaimed team.  Dani’s cup of tea making (we all had to start somewhere!) and passion for people development shone through at Top Gear, supporting the team and presenters in their star performance.

Using her personal drive to create star performance meant Dani worked with The Olympic Games, Coca-Cola and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. She remains good friends (and a bridesmaid) to former colleagues today. Her mission always has been to bring uplift to the people, performance and projects she experiences – to create that star performance.

Dani in the automotive industry
Dani on stage

Founding Lift This Life

Sounds simple? Like with many simple things in life, creating outstanding performance and results requires much learning, refining and dedication. 

After encountering a few wrong turns and challenging environments, Dani mastered what she needed to do. She founded Lift This Life to simply create confidence and ultimate performance. She continually invests in her own professional and personal development to ensure she learns and shares the most impactful ways of raising up people and teams.

Developing Star Performance

Lift This Life has been a hit! Professionals from medical, legal, logistics, financial, automotive and military sectors, trust Dani for their results, confidence and performance.

Yet today, her values remain the same as when she started on Top Gear.  Her personal passion for people development shines though, supporting teams and individuals in their star performance.  She prides herself on delivering powerful coaching sessions and workshops each and every day.   

Dani smiling with a cup of tea

Why You should work with Dani

Dani’s approach is not an assembly line or “off the shelf” style of people or team development. She is a real human being who delivers tailored, quality outcomes and has helped her gain a reputation as being the go-to person for results, confidence and performance. 

So far, as well as being relied upon for confidence and performance, she has been asked to guest lecture the military in leadership and deliver a TEDx talk.

The story continues and as a firm believer in power of unity, you’re invited to be part of it…

Work with me and together, we’ll lift your life.